Monday, May 16, 2011

"Ai Caramba 2011 - The Show" now showing at

Golfco Pictures presents John "Attenboroughopoulos" Golfin aka Johnny Cloudrunner in a 30min musical slideshow covering his spectacular 4.5mth, 80,950km epic adventure through Antarctica and all of South America. 

Simply click on the title of this post to see it at

This "Show" features the best photos from the journey not seen in the blog, complete with modern, disco-style, finger-snapping South American music and captions so you know where you are! Unfortunately you cannot download this show as a file so if you would like a copy of the original MP4 file then email your postal address to and I will post a copy to you on DVD.

Work has now commenced on "Ai Caramba 2011 - The Movie" which will feature the best video taken on the journey, including interesting and funny interviews with local people and  more finger-snapping music, captions and special effects. I will post a separate blog when it is ready. I expect it will take around 2 months to produce and be no longer than 60min.

Many of you have asked for the make and model of the camera that I used to take all the blog photos. I also used this camera to take photos in "The Show" above and HD quality video that you will see in the "The Movie". The camera I used is the "Canon PowerShot S95" and I used the "Vivid" setting on both photos and film.